Cuveé XO

Billionaires Row, BR Brandy XO is the expression of the French savoir-faire, the art about blending and ageing.
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Every Cognac is a Brandy

Its flavors are sweet and smooth, delicate and complex, perfectly balanced, with fruit and spicy scents.
Served "neat", "on the rocks" or mixed in cocktails to release the fullness of the aromas. Before or after a decadent meal or for a moment of share, regarless of the occasion, drinking Billionaires Row, BR Brandy XO always create a magical moment.


Billionaires Row, BR Cuvée XO is elaborated in France with the best methods, incorporating oak barrel ageing to extract the best flavours, creating the most seductive and elegant finish and roundness.

Scent & Flavor

Amber and brilliant colour yellow-fleshed fruits, orange peels, prunes, vanilla expression, caramel, hint of slightly sweet smokiness with smooth and delicate taste.

Cocktail Recipe

This cocktail has a blackberry base. Fruit like cocktail that has a pretty look to it.


2 ounces
Billionaires Row
1 ounce
Simpe syrup
1 ounce
Fresh lemon juice
Fresh muddled blackberries
Orange or lemon twist

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