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In 1893, the gentleman of MARNE sealed a bond by marriage with a Champagne producer. The history of MARNE continues and is completed by joining with the CHARLES MIGNON house in 1998.

CHARLES MIGNON is one of the rare Champagne houses with a family character. It boasts a member status of the prestigious UNION DES MAISONS DE Champagne as is implanted in the heart of the Capital of Champagne and fervently holds onto its native Champagne identity.

From generation to generation, the MIGNON family has passed down its passion and know-how that draws from Mignon Family the roots at the heart of noble Champagne traditions.

Today, Bruno Mignon perpetuates this love for the vine and wine by bringing a modern touch to them.

Épernay is the capital of the Champagne region, a town with a rich historical past, snuggled up along the Marne between hillsides and forests, and the headquarters of the principle brands of Champagne.

Billionaires Row

Billionaires Row is a global luxury Brand company, which design, develop, and market, luxury goods for the modern trendsetting and affluent consumer, by infusing new cutting edge concepts and iconic fundamentals into every product experience.

Billionaires Row’s Brand mission is to inspire and empower individuals to reach for their dreams, while protecting human welfare and advancement by furthering private initiatives for the good of the public by focusing on love for humanity, quality of life and planet preservation.

The face of Billionaires Row is shaped by the experiences of the well-rounded lifestyle of its Society and the intimacy of the ideas shared with friends and family. Billionaires Row Society is made up of 16 Billionaires from around the world. Our Society is defined by members who live within Billionaires Row estates. Billionaires Row’s Brand is a unique passion for distinction, exclusivity, and uniqueness, fueling its rise to one of the most recognizable Brands in the world today.


Billionaires Row strives to bring the higest of quality when it comes to their product, service, and experiences. Our Mission is to provide the best product for your satisfaction.


With partners such as Ferrari, Lamborhini, Forbes, and many others Billionairs Row is quickly becoming a globally reconized brand. We look for only the highest of quality when it comes to our partnerships and provide the same.


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